Renewable Energy

The UK is committed to reducing its carbon footprint during the next decade in order to reduce the damage posed by climate change. By 2020 15% of all the energy used in the UK should be sourced from renewable energy.

Most electricity supplies to the home emenate from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas that are burned in power stations. Electricity supplies tend to suffer from power losses because of the way in which it is produced and distributed. For every 2000 Kilowatts of electricity used in the home, around 1 Tonne of Carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. Although work is underway to clean up the grid, a substantial proportion of the fossil fuels used to provide our electricity are still wasted. To an extent, the same problem applies to gas which continues to be wasted as a result of inefficient heating appliances and uninsulated domestic and commercial properties.

This is why it is important to produce as much local renewable electricity and heat as possible through various technologies like:

To name but a few. As MCS approved installers for all of these technologies, RENUVO can offer customers an opprtunity, not only to reduce their carbon footprint by using less gas and electricity, but also capitalise on the long term financial benefits provided through the savings in energy bills and government incentives like the Feed in Tariff, Renewable Heat Incentive and Renewable Heat Premium Payment.

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