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Helpful tips and guides for common boiler and heating problems.

Helpful how to guides and tips

Here at Renuvo, we have put together a few common heating and boiler problems that can occur along with some possible solutions to get your heating and hot water back up and running. 

How To Repressurise a Boiler

How To Repressurise A Gas Boiler

Low pressure in your boiler can cause your heating system to stop working. In some cases, you will be able to repressurise your boiler without alling out an gas service engineer.  To view our helpful how to guide, please click the link below.

How To Unfreeze A Condensate Pipe

A condensate pipe carries condensation from your boiler to your outside drain. It’s usually a white or grey plastic pipe that travels from your boiler through the wall directly outside where your boiler is located. 

Topping Up Gas Metre in Property

In some cases, the reason your boiler stops working can be the most basic of things. If you pay for your gas via a metre that needs topping up, it is important to ensure that you keep an eye on this and top up when necessary.

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