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Repressurise a Boiler

How To repressurise a boiler with a flexible hose

How to repressurise a boiler

If your boiler is not firing properly and you do not have hot water or heating, low pressure of ‘loss of water pressure’ might be the cause of your problems. Although very frustrating, low boiler pressure is a relatively easy thing to diagnose, and in sort cases put right yourself. 

How To repressurise a Boiler

Water Pressure In Your Boiler

Your home boiler heats up water through a series of pipes and circulates this through your home via the radiators. In order for your heating system to work properly, there needs to be sufficient pressure within the system for the hot water to circulate. This pressure needs to be stable at around 1.5 barre. In combination boilers, you are able to top up the boiler pressure using the ‘flexible filling loop’, which is connected to the cold pipes. 

Why Have I Got Low Pressure?

There are a number of reasons why your boiler might lose pressure. You may have a small leak somewhere in your system that has gone unnoticed for some time. It is advisable that you have a quick look around your property to see if you are able to identify any damp patches around radiators, pipes or your boiler. You may also have low pressure due to bleeding your radiators to allow air out of the system. When you bleed your radiator, the pressure in your boiler will drop and will need to be topped back up. 

Checking Pressure In Your Boiler

You can check your boiler pressure usually by finding the water pressure gauge (see picture above). If this gauge is set at 0 bar, your boiler does not have enough pressure in the boiler to fire up and circulate the water. Your boiler will not work and will need topping up. In some cases, your boiler may have too much pressure in the system. This is usually when the pressure is over 2.75 bar. We recommend you seek advice from a Gas Safe Engineer.

How To Repressurise A Boiler

We have put a video guide demonstrating how to repressurise a gas boiler with a flexible filling loop. 

How To Unfreeze A Condensate Pipe

A condensate pipe carries condensation from your boiler to your outside drain. It’s usually a white or grey plastic pipe that travels from your boiler through the wall directly outside where your boiler is located. 

Topping Up Gas Metre in Property

In some cases, the reason your boiler stops working can be the most basic of things. If you pay for your gas via a metre that needs topping up, it is important to ensure that you keep an eye on this and top up when necessary.

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