Solar energy storage

Become 80% Enegery Independent with Solar PV Storage

What Is Solar Energy Storage?

Solar Energy Storage

The majority of the solar PV system owners use an average of 25-35% of their generated electricity, with the remainder being exported to the electricity grid. When the output from the solar panels exceed the demand, the surplus energy can be used to charge batteries which can then be used to provide power, when demand is higher, during the day or at night. 

A battery storage system utilising lithium-ion batteries will enable you to utilise around 90% of the electricity generated by your solar panels.

The system is relatively easy to install and usually can be done on the same day your panels are installed. Alternatively, a battery storage system can be fitted to your existing system in most cases

Battery Storage

Battery storage allows you to store the unused energy, thus reducing your electricity costs even further, should you generate more energy than you use in your home or store in your battery, you can still export this energy back to the national grid. Remember, your FiT tariff is not affected if fit a battery storage system

Will a battery storage system affect my FiT payments?

No – Even though you will be using more of your free generated electricity, your FiT payments from your electric supplier will remain the same. 

If you’re lucky enough to have had solar panels installed on your home for a while and have been receiving the early Feed-in Tariff payments, solar batteries will vastly improve the usefulness of your panels. Solar battery storage can be retrofitted to most solar installs making them a perfect add-on

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